Lid Supports

Heavy duty soft down lid supports

Soft lid close technology is a Sugatsune's key lid support innovation for doors and lids to prevent sudden motion causing injuries. Sugatsune's soft door lid close or soft down lid technology, or otherwise called Lapcon technology, has been developed and innovated through decades of adoption in various industries, including hospital, medical facilities, transportation vehicles, and production facilities. Soft close lid support equipped system hardware is ideal for not only heavy duty industrial use in such as toolbox and storage box lid but for toy box and jewelry box lid.
If you are looking for compact soft close lid supports to maximize space, S-TAR compact soft down support is highly recommended.

If you are searching for heavy-duty lid support for heavy flat lid and L-shape lid., Sugatsune's new S-ATH lid support will be the perfect fit.

Sugatsune lid supports ensure durability with a unique feel which allows for convenient use with heavy or light doors while providing safety from slamming and sudden shutting of door and door lids.

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