MotionDesignTec-Innovative door component hardware

Motion DesignTec increases operability of doors/lids

Motion DesignTec is Sugatsune's innovative technical solutions for controlled motion with compact design. Our products designed with Motion DesignTec offers five different types of door and lid movement depending on the product application, and offer users easy installation and adjustment.

5 key motions/movements

Free Stop motion reduces the speed of opening and closing of drawer, door or lid so that users will benefit comfortable opening and closing of cabinet drawer, door, and lid.

Soft Motion in action

Free Stop motion make it easy for users to stop opening and closing of door, lid, and covers at desirable position.

Free Stop Motion in action

Power Assist Motion will assist in the opening and closing of heavy door, lid, and cover.

Power Assist Motion in action

Click Motion temporarily holds covers in the opening and closing at a certain angle.

Click Motion in action

Unique Motion will give you variations of the trajectory of the door opening and closing

Unique Motion in action

Creating smooth operational environment is the key


pening and closing of doors and lids are an inevitable behavior in our daily life and working environments. And it is the behavior that often become a source of stress, or should say, a cause of hidden stress.


For example,

smashing door sound makes you uneasy feeling. Or when you are lifting a heavy lid, you may feel anxious that the heavy lid might slam on your fingers. These are maybe trifle matters but could be a root of a larger problem in work or psychological troubles if we face them on daily bases.

Our MotionTec equipped products function as a helper and alleviate stresses in relation to opening and closing of doors and lids.